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OrganisationVP Capital PositionFounder Year of Birth 1983 Personal Website Career Viktor Prokopenya is the CEO and Founder of VP Capital investment company, specialising in the technology sector and real estate. Operating globally, the company provides an efficient investment vehicle, facilitating investment practice and attracting more people to the industry. In 2012 Viktor created exp(capital), a successful fintech start-up, providing highly effective solutions for algorithmic trading. Named as ‘the Best IT Company to Work for’ in 2014, today exp(capital) employs over 70 specialists and operates offices in Minsk (Belarus), London (UK) and Limassol (Cyprus). In 2001 Viktor Prokopenya launched Viaden Media, a leading mobile apps developer. The company, initially focused on sports and gaming applications, achieved great success. Today, Viaden games are popular among 40 million users worldwide, leading the App Store’s rating as the most frequently downloaded apps. Later, the company was divided into and Skywind Group and was finally sold in 2012.

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